Losing Papou

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“I can’t tell you how much this book helped me to help my children cope when their father died.  I was lost for words.  Thank you.”

Susan, Mother of four

“Losing Papou not only helped me explain to our young children the sudden loss of their grandfather, but it has become one of their favorite books. For weeks they wanted me to read it to them every night before they went to bed, and they still ask for it frequently.”

Janice, Mother of three


“I highly recommend this book to any parent who’s child has experienced a death in their life.”  

Elizabeth, Mother of two and elementary school teacher


“Losing Papou comforted my children through a really hard time when their Grandmother died.  We read it every night for a long time.  It talks about the emotions and confusion kids go through when experiencing losing a loved one and helped my kids sort through their feelings and grieving.  I couldn’t have imagined a book about death better written for kids."

Kim, Mother of three


“I couldn’t find any book in the bookstores that I liked or that I felt said the things I wanted my children to hear, in language they would understand and identify with.  Then a friend of mine gave me their copy of Losing Papou and it was exactly what I had been looking for.  It has helped me explain my mother’s passing to my kids as well as death in general, and is one of our favorites to read together despite how sad it still makes us to remember my mother. “

Barbara, Mother of four

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